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Peanut Proud Peanut Butter Deliveries – Florida and Carolinas

Peanut Proud, Inc., the South Carolina Peanut Board, the North Carolina Peanut Growers Association and the Florida Peanut Producers Association will donate 30,240 jars of Peanut Proud peanut butter to the three food banks listed below. Each food bank will receive 10,080 jars of peanut butter.

The Bread of the Mighty Food Distribution Center

Harvest Hope Food Bank- Columbia, SC

Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC


Florida Peanut Producers Association contributes to Food Bank

IMG_20140617_130540_997GAINESVILLE, FL JUNE 17 – (from left to right) Ken Barton, executive director, Florida Peanut Producers Association, Andy Robinson and Jeff Miller, board members, Florida Peanut Producers Association field questions from media regarding the donation of 10,080 jars of Peanut Proud peanut butter to the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank in Gainesville, FL

Virginia-Carolinas Peanut News (V62.2)

“In honor of March being National Peanut Month, the Virginia Peanut Board and Virginia Peanut Growers Association teamed with PLANTERS, a Kraft Foods brand, and Peanut Proud to contribute peanut butter to the Federation of Virginia Food Banks, a partner state association of Feeding America.

This is the second year in a row that PLANTERS and Virginia’s peanut growers have contributed 2 pallets each (total of 5,760 jars) to kick off the March celebration. This year the donation increased significantly with a 7 pallet (10,080 jars) contribution from Peanut Proud. Peanut Proud, based in Blakely, GA, is an industry sponsored charitable organization that reacts to existing needs with peanut butter donations, whether it be for food banks in the peanut growing states or disaster relief.

The Federation will take this donation and split it among the 7 regional facilities located throughout Virginia, making the contribution reach across the state.

The growers of Virginia sincerely appreciate the cooperation and charity of PLANTERS and Peanut Proud in this effort.”

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