Domestic Hunger Relief

pnut butter for Hunger

  • Partner with state grower organizations to supply peanut butter to Food Banks in peanut-producing states
  • Respond to requests to address hunger in the U.S by providing peanuts and peanut butter to school programs, after school programs, and projects in low income rural areas.
  • In partnership with Grower’s Organizations in 11 peanut-producing states:
    • Alabama Peanut Producers Association
    • Arkansas Peanut Producers
    • Florida Peanut Producers Association
    • Georgia Peanut Commission
    • Mississippi Peanut Growers
    • New Mexico Peanut Growers
    • North Carolina Peanut Growers
    • Oklahoma Peanut Board
    • South Carolina Peanut Producers
    • Texas Peanut Producers
    • Virginia Peanut Growers