Uniting the Peanut Community:  The annual Peanut Proud Festival is held in March in Blakely, Georgia.  Peanut supporters of all ages and all walks of life take part in this day of family fun and display their pride for our lovable legume.

Recognition of Excellence:  Peanut Proud, Inc. offers an annual scholarship in hopes of promoting food safety awareness and to help students achieve academic goals that will contribute to food safety.

Humanitarian Efforts:  While Peanut Proud, Inc. was initially an expo, the organization has since turned its focus to humanitarian efforts.  Peanuts provide condensed energy in a small amount, healthy plant protein, and nutrients critical to development that are key factors for those with compromised nutrition.  Peanut Proud, Inc. strives to place peanuts and peanut products into the hands of those in need.